The Real General Purposed Dynamic C-like Syntax Scripting Language

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Cpy is the real general purposed dynamic c-like syntax scripting language in the 21st century, totally built-up by a Chinese software engineer.

Cpy provides you a way to write Python codes in C syntax!

Like other C-like programming languages, it borrows the idea of C programming language, and many other C-like programming language, such as Java, JavaScript, PHP.

It uses the Python programming language’s type model and runtime, but with a very clean and clear and elegant syntax. Since it is built on the Python runtime, all Python’s built-in modules and Python sources can be easily reused with an import.

Programmer who has the expirence of Java/JavaScript/PHP development will have no difficulty to write his first Cpy codes, the learn cost is zero. It is a good idea for C programmers who never met a scripting language to start writing scripting codes with Cpy.

Google project: https://code.google.com/p/cpy-scripting-language/

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