Why Cpy Beats Python

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A few ignorant Python programmers said that Python never neads a C-like for statement, they thought they can replace every C-like for looping to Python’s for.

Cpy‘s way to loop:

for(i=s; i<num; i+=step){

Python’s way to loop:

for i in range(num)[s:e:step]:

Recently I wrote a looping to loop 100000000, unfortunately (and as expected) Python eat up all memory(2 GB) of the whole machine and OS forces it to quit.

But a Cpy looping works fine.

Posted by ideawu at 2012-07-24 12:09:27

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  • Note that for i in xrange(s,num,step) is the python way. You should research about python before build something like cpy or you will be programming an extremely inefficient python code generator: just an absolute useless piece of software. Reply
    @spayder26: Hi, thank you! Python’s grammar SUCKS! Why the hell some people like that shit?! Reply

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