SSDB – A leveldb server with zset data type

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The Google leveldb is just a c++ library, cannot be directly used by PHP/Java/Python. As it is a library, data can’t be accessed across multi machines(not even multiprocesses in one machine).

SSDB(or zdb) is a network server that wrapping leveldb library, more important, besides key-value data type, SSDB supports zset(sorted set) and hash data type. Zset is the most valuable data type that widely used with Redis, to describe business abstracts such as inbox/outbox of a messaging system, posts list of a news site, etc.

SSDB’s client APIs currently including PHP, Python, Cpy, and more can be added easily.

Here is a list of SSDB features:

  • Network wrapping of Google leveldb, client-server supports
  • Persistent key-value, key-zset, key-hash storage
  • Very fast(benchmark)

SSDB project: http://code.google.com/p/zdb/

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