Tovi – Total Image Viewer for Mac OS X, GIF, PNG, SVG, JPG…

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Tovi is the total image viewer and slideshow for Mac OS X, supports many types of image format, including GIF animation, PNG, SVG, JPG, TIFF…

Tovi co-operates well with Mac OS X Finder, automatically generates slideshow when you open images from Finder. Tovi plays images in a clean and simple look and feel.

Tovi provides very carefully designed keyboard shortcuts to operate on images, such as scale, rotate, prev/next slide, auto play slideshow, etc…

If you like to open images from Finder, Tovi this the replacement for Preview, for it can play GIF animation, auto discover other images in the same folder(which Preview can’t).

Ease keyboard shortcuts:

Left/Right Arrow: Previouse/Next image in the same folder
SHIFT + Left/Right: Rotate image


Try a web version.

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