SSDB provided flushdb command

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SSDB now provided flushdb command, which is used to delete all data in SSDB server. This command is dangerous, so you need to type ‘yes’ on command prompt. This command is implemented via ssdb-cli.

You can flush only kv, hash, or zset data, with flushdb kv, flushdb hash, flushdb zset.

There is no need to recompile or restart the SSDB server.

Posted by ideawu at 2013-08-26 19:14:36

3 Responses to "SSDB provided flushdb command"

  • Hello, ideawu!

    Thank you for your insanely fast DB!

    We are using 1.6.0 in production and have an issue: database directory size is growing constantly, even after flushdb.

    ideawu, you have added ‘clear_binlog’ and ‘compact’ after flushdb in version 1.6.2, so we are about to update ssdb in production.

    Please, answer:
    1. Is it safe to switch from 1.6.0 to 1.6.2 on existing databases? We don’t want them to be corrupted.
    2. Is it safe to apply new flushdb command on old databases, that was created with version 1.6.0?

    Thank you! Reply
    @Egor: PS: It would great if you could share how you are using SSDB in your production. Reply
    @Egor: Hi,

    1. Yes, it is safe to uprade to 1.6.2 from 1.6.0, existing databases are safe.
    2. Yes, it is safe to flushdb databases created with older versions. Reply

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