SSDB supports Redis protocol and clients

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SSDB users had been asking for Redis protocol supports for a long time, because they want to use existing Redis clients, and do not want do any modification on their codes.

SSDB now supports Redis protocol – finally.

That means you can use existing Redis clients to connect to a SSDB server. Only redis-cli and phpredis is tested by now.

Not all Redis commands are supported, see http://www.ideawu.com/ssdb/docs/redis-to-ssdb.html.

During the development, I have found Redis network protocol unneccessarily complicated, because it concerns about data types. The Redis network protocol deals with request and response, while SSDB’s network protocol treats requests and responses the same. Redis network protocol impmentation has to deal with many types of response: status, error, integer, list, … As a contrast, data types are transparent to SSDB protocol implementors.

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