• 2013-01-18

    The usage of zset

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    zset is a very usefull data structure, to store real world data collection, such as User List, News List, Feeds, etc. zset can be considered as a two-column table in relational database. One column is ‘key’ of UNIQUE, the other is ‘score’ of float type.

    zset has one limitation, the ‘key’ column could not store very large data, it usually stores a string of no more than 100 bytes.

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  • 2013-01-13

    SSDB is now available on github

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    It seems github is more powerfull and more popular than Google Code, so I migrated SSDB from Google Code to github.

    Link: https://github.com/ideawu/ssdb

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  • 2013-01-10

    Replace Redis zRangeByScore with SSDB zscan

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    zRangeByScore is one of the most powerfull command in Redis, it is used in zset pagination, like ‘list messages in by inbox’.

    SSDB provides zscan, which is similar to zRangeByScore.


    zRangeByScore(name, score_start, score_end, options);


    zscan(name, key_start, score_start, score_end, limit);

    The key_start parameter makes it possible to distinguish items with same score.

    Posted by ideawu at 2013-01-10 13:19:30
  • 2013-01-07

    GOOD design VS BAD design

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    Don’t be too rounded!

    Posted by ideawu at 2013-01-07 10:38:31
  • 2013-01-06

    SSDB 1.2.0 with replication feature is released!

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    I am proud to announce SSDB 1.2.0 is released! SSDB 1.2.0 is a major step of SSDB, the LevelDB server with multi data types.

    In this version, the important feature – Replication(master-slave) is supported. Replication is the most important feature of storage server in production enviroment. LevelDB has the ability to handle thousands of GBs of data on one common used computer, and SSDB do the networking, backup, replication stuffs.

    SSDB 1.2.0 is a beta version, the 2.x version will be stable.

    Download SSDB 1.2.0: http://code.google.com/p/zdb/downloads/list

    Posted by ideawu at 2013-01-06 15:27:13 Tags: ,
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