• 2015-01-10

    Build adaptive UI for iOS Apps with flow-layout and CSS properties

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    The project CocoaUI helps you build fluid User Interfaces for iOS Apps run in iOS devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.

    The code demo has shown in this post.

    It is time to get rid you Apple’s AutoLayout and LayoutContraints things, write your UIs with simple CSS properties like float, clear, width, height, and let CocoaUI do the magic for you!

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  • 2014-02-10

    Why do I get a new copy of file every time I open it in Finder?

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    I met a weird thing recently with my 13-inch Mac Book Pro. I have a image file, every time I double-click it to open from within Finder, I get a new copy of this file. I got a lot of copies of this file after days, I try to rename it, open it with different Apps, but it keeps generating copies.

    Finally, I view the info of this file(Get Info menu), then I notice the “Stationery pad” checkbox is checked, that’s it! I unchecked the option, the copy of this file won’t generate any more!

    Posted by ideawu at 2014-02-10 12:27:31
  • 2013-09-28

    The super fast Tovi 1.5 is ready!

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    Tovi 1.5 is now available on Mac App Store, this version makes it super fast to open more than 10000 images withing 1 second!

    No hesitate to upgrade now: http://tovi.ideawu.com/

    Tovi is a Mac image viewer, it can play gif animation, image slideshow, etc.

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  • 2013-05-16

    Tovi Image View for Mac OSX Promo Code

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    Please let me know if you have redeemed.

    Posted by ideawu at 2013-05-16 10:24:26
  • 2013-05-01

    Tovi FAQs

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    Q: How to automatically generate slideshow of all images under the same folder of the image I open from Finder?

    A: When you open exactly one image from Finder, Tovi will automatically discover all images in the same folder. If this folder is neither the Downloads folder nor the Pictures folder, Tovi needs you to grant permission to scan the folder.

    You can specify the folder in Preferences window. It is recommended that you add your HOME folder(directory) to the permissions list, all subfolders will be automatically included. If you have added your HOME folder, it will be displayed as like “/Users/account”(account is you account name) in the permissions list.

    A: The image file is not opened by Tovi when I double click it from within Finder?

    It is something related to “File Association” system setting. To let Tovi be the default application to open certain files when you open them from within Finder, please follow these instructions:

    1. Right click on one image file, select “Get Info” from the context menu.
    2. Select “Tovi.app” from the drop down list at “Open with:” area.
    3. Click on “Change All…” button to confirm “Use this application to open all documents like this one.”

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