Tovi is the total image viewer and slideshow for Mac OS X, supports many types of image format, including GIF animation, PNG, SVG, JPG, TIFF…

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  • needed a simple program to specifically view .svg files (for an art project)

    using my own file and then the "test" file

    Tovi failed! BUT was able to use various browsers (safari, firefox, etc., to view the test file),…

    FYI to see if not being able to view files was a fluke, tried Tovi to view .jpg files and it worked, so seems there is a problem viewing .svg files Reply
    @ben: It works on my computer and some other users'(I asked). Maybe there is something that cause Tovi failed on your computer — Tovi version, system version, etc.

    Would you please download a free trial version and use it to open your own file and the "test" file?

    How to use the free trial version:

    1. Download from
    2. Uncompress, which will release
    3. Double click to launch
    4. Drag and drop Test.svg into window Reply
  • Thanks for your redeem code: 3YPF3N9LN3RA Reply
  • Hello!

    The viewer is kind of nice, but I got two questions:

    – Is it possible that Tovi shows the right image-orientation immediately? (vertical pictures)
    – Is it possible to show pictures fitted to the screen by default?

    Thanks and best regards
    Stephan Reply
    @Stephan Sann: Hi, the second one, do you suggest working as Xee does? Reply
    @ideawu: I don’t know about Xee, but it would be cool if in full screen mode the complete image would be displayed from the top to the botton ;-) Reply
    @Stephan Sann: Get it, thanks! Reply
    @Stephan Sann: Thank you for your advices, I will work on there features soon. Reply

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