What is wrong with HTML+CSS+JavaScript UI for mobile?

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I must say ALL web technology frameworks for mobile go in the wrong way! Every of these frameworks aims to be a web framework, which recreates native look and feel controls.

CocoaUI framework goes in the right and bright way! CocoaUI is a native UI framework, builds native UI apps with web technologies.

Why mobile web frameworks are doing wrong?

Performace is a vital weakness!

There is no doubt that web apps are much slower than native Apps, especially when they try to draw native look like UI.

The goal of web browsers or webview widgets embed in native Apps, is to render a wide range of user interfaces, and to process user interactions. But most native Apps are made to do exactly one or two things. So native Apps are optimized, but web Apps are not, and not able to be efficiently optimized.

A lot more work to do

There are two major things mobile web frameworks have to do, one is the UI thing, the another is event handling.

Mobile web frameworks wasted too much times on drawing native UI look like controls, when native UI changed, they do the same thing again. They draw native UI look like controls with HTML+CSS, again and again. They act like DongShiXiaoPin, an ancient Chinese idiom, which tells an ugly woman named DongShi clumzily copy every motion of a beatiful woman.

The right way!

The right way is not building a mobile web App framework, but building a native App framework using web technologies. This is what CocoaUI doing now.

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