TextMate disable auto matching parentheses, braces, quotes

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TextMate is a great text editor, by default, it has a Auto Matching(Auto-Paired Characters) feature, that TextMate will automatically insert ), }, ", ' when you type in (, }, ", '. Someone may not like this feature, here is a way to disable TextMate’s Auto Matching parentheses, braces, quotes.

Open Bundle Editor [Bundles -> Edit Bundles]
Create a new bundle. [Command-N, select bundle]
Create a new setting in that bundle. [Command-N, select setting]
Set the Scope Selector to *, that matches everywhere.
Set the smart typing pairs to an empty list. [Paste the below snippet into textview]

     smartTypingPairs = ();

Save [Command-S]

Copy from: http://pastie.org/private/cq4osggyikwtd2jy68ya

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